Acceptable Use

Horry Electric Cooperative has established this blog in an effort to broaden its communications and further its interaction with Members.

While the blog is not Horry Electric’s primary means of communications, we wish to use this electronic media tool  as a means to inform Members of new efficiency programs, rebates, and incentives; as well as pass along various articles and items of interest on popular and important, pertinent subjects. Please note that the posting of articles or materials not specifically produced by Horry Electric, including news articles, etc, IS NOT an endorsement of nor an agreement with the content.

We hope that through this blog, we can engage our Members more casually and openly, while fostering and maintaining a clean, productive, and informative environment.

All contributions are subject to review by Horry Electric Cooperative blog moderators.  In order to comment,  you must be registered and logged in to WordPress.   The opportunity to comment will be open on new articles for a maximum of five days.   All comments must be rated “G”, which means they are suitable for all audiences. Comments will only appear after blog administrator approval.  Our Home Page is not open to comments.

Any comment considered inappropriate or not conducive to the desired climate of the forum, will be automatically deleted.  This includes vulgar or inappropriate language; overly offensive or aggressive posts in regard to the Cooperative, its Members or Employees and campaigning or lobbying by third parties, regardless of being political/Cooperative/otherwise-related.

Thank you for your cooperation in making the Horry Electric Cooperative, Inc. blog a positive tool with which we can interact with you.

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