Howle reports good news

Pat Howle

James P. “Pat” Howle
Executive Vice President
and CEO

Survey results are in and Touchstone Energy® co-ops tied our all-time high score in the American Customer Satisfaction Index. ACSI annually surveys some 70,000 consumers, gauging their attitudes toward more than 200 companies. Touchstone Energy co-ops scored an 85 while the average for investor-owned power companies was significantly lower at 76. As a point of reference our scores beat famous brands like Southwest Airlines (77), McDonalds (73) and Facebook (61).

Touchstone Energy is the national brand for 742 of the nation’s consumer-owned electric cooperatives. Across the country electric co-ops serve as incubators for local businesses, facilitators of regional planning and catalysts for economic growth.  We recognize that affordable reliable electric service is not an end in itself but a means of achieving a better quality of life in our community.

Horry Electric is proud to be part of such a highly regarded and successful network of cooperative utilities.  I’m humbled by the positive response of you and your fellow members to surveys such as ASCI.

You can learn more about the ASCI program and process on the Touchstone Energy website.

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